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น้ำตาลมิตรผล โกลด์ Mitr Phol Gold Sugar

"Gold Crystal" the colorful mix of 2 valuables –
made from pure and hygiene white sugar with
the scent and savor of sugarcane – calcium,
iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium and cane
aroma for your food and drink.

Net weight 1 kg.

Q : What are the benefits of Mitr Phol Gold

There are 2 major benefits of Mitr Phol Gold. Firstly, it retains the nutrients such as calcium , potassium , iron , magnesium and phosphorus from sugarcane. Secondly, it is rich flavour and unique scent to enhance aroma and taste for menus e.g. herbal drinks , tofu drinks and waffles etc.

Q: Is Mitr Phol Gold and refined sugar different because of no bleaching powder?

A:Both gold and refined sugar is not containing bleaching powder. Mitr Phol Gold's major component is sucrose and glucose is an additional but refined sugar has only sucrose with no glucose in additional.

Q: Is Mitr Phol Gold and Rice bran color sugar/natural sugar is the same?

A:No, it is not. Mitr Phol gold sugar use the same production line of high-grade white sugar to get the purity gold crystals but rice bran color sugar/natural sugar classified as lowest grade sugar. To prove what being explained is to make a syrup for both types, will find the syrup from Mitr Phol Gold is clean and no dirt contaminated in syrup but the syrup from rice bran color sugar/natural sugar still a dust and dirt remaining.

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