Mipeng EAS Group

Mitr Phol Group decided to expand production base to People Republic of China (PRC) in 1993.

The business started up in the form of joint venture between Mitr Phol and PRC’s sugar mills in Guangxi county and was registered in the name of Guangxi Nanning East Asia Sugar Co.,Ltd.

At present, Mitr Phol owns 6 sugar mills within Guangxi County and is recognized as PRC’s second largest sugar producer with annual crushing capacity of approximately 10 million tons of cane which resulted in approximately 1.3 million tons of sugar per year.

We also operate two power plants and one fertilizer plant.

MSF Sugar

In 2011, Mitr Phol expanded our investments to Queensland State, Australia, joining with MSF Sugar.

MSF Sugar own and operate four sugar mills with a total crushing capacity of 4.7 million tons of cane and producing around 550,000 tons of raw sugar per year.

MSF started back in 1886 as Maryborough Sugar Factory operated as a juice mill, and today growing into Australia’s largest sugarcane farmer, second largest raw sugar exporter and the third largest miller.

Employ nearly 650 people and engage with 630 cane growers supplying our mills.

Mitr Laos
Lao People’s Democratic Republic

In 2006, Mitr Phol broadened its production based to Lao People’s Democratic Republic (LPDR), Savannakhet province under the name “Mitr Lao”.

The mill has average crushing capacity of 500,000 tons of cane per annum, yielding sugar output of approximately 72,000 tons per year. Mitr Lao uses advanced production technology as many of the world’s leading sugar producers

Most of sugar produced in LPDR is exported to the European Union.

Fast Facts about Chinese Sugar Industry
• Grows 98 million tons of sugarcane in 2014/15, reduce from 126 million tons in 2013/14 and 120 million tons in 2014/15.

• 11 million tons of raw sugar in 2014/15, down from 14 million tons in 2013/14.

• China still imports between 4-5 million tons of raw sugar per year during 2011-2015.

Source: USDA – May 2015
Fast Facts about Australian Sugar Industry:
• Grows 34.5 million tons of sugarcane in 2015.

• 24 sugar mills produces 4.7 million tons of raw sugar in 2015.

• Export 3.5 million tons of raw sugar, being the third largest exporter next to Brazil and Thailand.

• 4,000 cane growers with an average size of around 100 hectares, with cane yield on average of 82-84 tons per hectares.
Source: USDA – Nov 2015