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มิตรผล แคลอรี Mitr Phol Calorie

Mitr Phol Calorie, new trend of sweet lover who also concern of health, the same sweet taste with only 20% calories for cooking and brewing *without aspartame* that can be used in high temperature cooking process. Mitr Phol Calorie contains sugar 95%, Erithytol 4.25%,Sucralose 0.75%

Sugar substitute comparison between
"Mitr Phol Calorie" and "Sugar"
(by the same
level of sweetness)

Aspartame is an artificial non-saccharide sweetener
thatmust be avoided by people with the genetic
condition (phenylketonuria)

Packing size:
1.8 g. X 20 bags/Bag
1.8 g. X 50 bags/Bag
1.8 g. X 80 bags/Bag

Q : Why Mitr Phol Calorie gain only 20% calorie?

A : Mir Phol Calorie is consisted of Sucralose ; zero-calorie sugar subtitute artificial sweetener which is approximately 600 times sweeter than sucrose (sugar). It is stable under hest, good taste and safety.

1 stick of Mitr Phol Calorie (1.8 g / 7 Kcal) is equivalent in sweetness to 2 teaspoons of sugar (10 g / 40 Kcal). Therefore, Mitr Phol Calorie use less than sugar.

*Remark : Mitr Phol Calorie is about 5.5 times sweeter than sugar

Q: Target group for Mitr Phol Calorie Sugar?

A:Mitr Phol Calorie Sugar can be consumed by people of all ages when other artificial sweetening agent that contains aspartame is contraindicated for patients of Phenylketonuria.

Q: What are the major benefits of Mitr Phol Calorie?

A : Firstly , Mitr Phol Calorie , low-calorie sweetener, has only 20% calorie. Secondly, it has good taste since its taste is similar to sugar because of Sucralose and Erythitol. In addition, it is stable under heat so it can be cooked at high temperature for various foods, beverages, dessert and bakery. For all above benefits, Mitr Phol Calorie is the ideal of sweetener fo everyone.

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