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น้ำตาลทรายบริสุทธิ์ มิตรผล Mitr Phol Pure Refined Sugar

Mitr Phol Refined Sugar is produced from top
cane breeds and standard production process
approved by Ministry of Industry. There are no
contaminated and lime used in production
process, our sugar passes natural coloring and
cleaning process to ensure every crystal is pure,
white,clean and nutritious. Customers can be sure
that every time you add the sweet, you get the
safe products.

Net weight 1 kg.

Q: Mitr Phol sugar, no bleaching powder, really?

A:Absolutely no bleaching sugar use in the process. Our filtration process is using carbon dioxide and lime water to absorb the dirt and color from crystal which is the same principle as water filter using in the household. That is why we could guarantee the sugar in good quality with clear, clean, and free bleaching powder.

Q: Why use refined sugar?

A:For sugar, the higher purity is, the more sweetness of sucrose would truly be. With professionally safe and effective process, Mitr Phol sugar was made with pure sucrose in polarization of 99.9%

Q: Ever wonder how white sugar is made?

A:We, Mitr Phol, consider the purity and safety of every single crystal to ensure customer the best quality that is why we innovate the processwithout using bleaching powder or any harmful chemicals but the precipitation and filtration to remove impurities and absorb brown color from crystal.

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